This summer Crawley will compete in the National Athletics League (NAL), this is a joint mens and womens athletics league, (just like the SAL and YDL). This league replaces the BAL and UKWAL.

The NAL fixtures for 2020 are in the image below, the first match will be a home fixture.

the dates are:
Saturday 2nd May K2 -
Crawley, Bedford, Chelmsford, Havering, HHH, Herts P

Sunday 14th June Bedford
Crawley, Bedford, Chelmsford, Sale, Wigan, Enfield

Saturday 4th July Chelmsford
Crawley, Bedford, Chelmsford, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Kingston

Sunday 2nd August Bedford (Playoff for promotion/relegation)
Matches to be decided dependant on league position after 3rd fixture.