Information from the ESAA:

Due to the Covid restrictions under which we are all living this year, and the fact that we wouldn't be able to hold the Championship over two days, with the normal almost 2000 athletes taking part in 300 events for around 100 sets of medals, it has been decided that this year's Championship will take place over three days at the Regional Athletics Centre, Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF in Manchester, with one age group competing each day and events starting at around 12:30pm each day.

Event Details

  • Senior Girls & Boys: Friday, July 9th
      Start time 12:30. Last event 17:55

  • Intermediate Girls & Boys: Saturday, July 10th
      Start time 12:30. Last event 17:55

  • Junior Girls & Boys: Sunday, July 11th
      Start time 12:30. Last event 17:30

Three long throws will take place at an alternative venue, which we expect to be the East Manchester Academy, approximately one kilometre from the stadium which has a hammer / discus cage available. We are still negotiating with the school to be sure of this.

Entries will be limited in each event to a maximum of 16 athletes to ensure the competition can be completed within the afternoon session. Athletes will be able to compete in one event only, as usual, although Counties can enter them into two events and indicate a preference in case they are not ranked in the best sixteen entries in their first choice event but are inside the top sixteen in their second if, for example, a number of people enter the same events and are selected in their first choice event. This is an entry system just for this year to try to ensure as many athletes have the chance to compete at the championships under these difficult conditions.

Full details here: Track & Field Championships 2021

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