14-Oct-2023 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
3 Hours

Goodwood, opposite Racecourse PO18 0PS

Provisional Timetable:
12.00               Under 11 Girls (years 5 & 6 only)                             2.0 km approx             (1.2 miles)
12.10               Under 11 Boys (years 5 & 6 only)                             2.0 km approx             (1.2 miles
12.30               Under 13 Girls                                                          3.0 km approx             (1.8 miles)
12.45               Under 13 Boys                                                          3.0 km approx             (1.8 miles)
13.00               Under 15 Girls                                                            4.0 km approx             (2.5 miles)
13.20               Under 15 Boys                                                            4.0 km approx             (2.5 miles)
13.40               Under 17 Men                                                             5.0 km approx             (3.0 miles)
14.05               Under 17, U20, Sen & Vet women                            5.0 km approx             (3.0 miles)
14.35               Under 20, Sen & Vet Men                                          8.0 km approx             (5.0 miles) 



  1. Entry Fee £6.00 for Seniors & Veterans.    £6.00 for U13, U15, U17, U20.     £4 for U11

There will be an additional £2 levy for all unattached runners.

ENTRIES CLOSE AT 8AM ON FRIDAY, OCT 13. Entries will be accepted on the day but where possible please avoid this.  Enter online here

All race numbers to be collected at registration on race day.

2.        All competitors must run in their own age groups.

 3.        Age groups: as on 31st August 2023. Veterans as age on the day of race.

 4.        Under 17 Women have their own individual and team category. They will ALSO be able to score in their club’s senior team. Under 17 Men must run in the U17 Men’s race.

 5.        All Junior, Senior, Veteran Women and Men must declare age groups when entering, i.e. U20, Senior,       V40, V50, V60, V70 for Men, and U17, U20, Senior, V35, V45, V55, V65, V75 for Women

6.        For individual awards the best three results will count from the 4 fixtures.  Individual medals will be awarded to the first three in all groups, including all three Veteran categories, male and female.

 7.        Team Awards for all age groups will be based on the aggregate of all four races.

All Juniors   U13, U15, U17 three to score. (no under 11 team race)