19th December 2012

SECTION 1. Name of the Club.

The Club shall be called Crawley Athletic Club.

SECTION 2. Aims of the Club.

The club shall be a non profit making body with the objects of promoting and encouraging amateur athletics and social fellowship among its members based on the Olympic motto :-

"The important thing is not in winning but in taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but in fighting well".

The furtherance of these aims shall be in accordance with the ideals and objectives of United Kingdom Athletics.

SECTION 3. Club Colours.

Vests - Gold (amber) with three black hoops 38mm wide with 38mm between
Shorts - Black

(a second registered colour for the vest is plain yellow)

Vests - Black with three Gold (amber) hoops 38mm wide with 38mm between 
Shorts - Gold (amber)

(a second registered colour for the vest is plain yellow)

Note: When competing for the club a member must wear the approved club vest.

SECTION 4. Club Address

The registered address of the club shall be that of the current General Secretary.

SECTION 5. Affiliations

The club shall be affiliated to the following:-

  1. United Kingdom Athletics
  2. England Athletics
  3. South of England Athletics Association
  4. Sussex County Athletics Association
  5. South of Thames Cross Country Association
  6. Surrey County Athletics Association 

The Club shall abide by the rules of the above bodies.

SECTION 6. Membership

Persons of either sex are eligible for membership of the Club. No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, disability, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, political or other beliefs.

  1. To become a member of the club a person must:-

1. 1. Be over 10 years of age
1. 2. Complete a club membership form and pay the appropriate membership fee.
1. 3. Have his/her application for membership approved by the Executive Committee
1. 4. Have settled all outstanding obligations to other club(s) in the case of athletes transferring from other clubs.

  1. The types of membership are as follows:-

i. Associate member: One who has become a member as in 1 above.
ii. Active member:
a. One who has become a member as in 1 above and who has paid the annual subscription.
b. One who is an Active member as in 2ii.a. and in that year is awarded an International Vest for competing for their country in any age group, or as recommended by the Executive Committee, be granted 1 years free subscription the following year.
iii. Life Member:
a. Those members who in the opinion of the Executive committee have performed valuable service to the club and are elected to Life Membership at the Annual General Meeting.
b. Those members who are selected to represent Great Britain in the Olympic Games, World or European Championships shall automatically be elected to life membership.

3. Termination of membership

1. To terminate membership of the club a member must give written notice to the General Secretary. Membership is terminated from the date of receipt of the written notice provided that all outstanding debts have been paid. Release from the club can be delayed until settlement in full of all outstanding debts and return of any club equipment. In this case the date of the resignation shall be the date on which the debt was discharged.

2. The Executive Committee shall have power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, providing a months notice in writing shall have been sent to such member by registered post or recorded delivery addressed to his/her last known address informing him/her of the proposed action of the committee.

3. The name and address of any person so expelled from the club shall be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the appropriate area Association who shall enter the name in a book (called the Black Book) kept for that purpose. Every person whose name has been entered in a Black Book shall be suspended from competing at any meeting held under UKA laws until the liability causing his/her said expulsion which shall not exceed one year's subscription, shall have been discharged.

4. The Executive Committee shall have the power to impose a temporary suspension or expel any member whose conduct is considered detrimental to the good name of the club.

SECTION 7. President and Vice Presidents

1. President.

The president shall be elected by the Executive Committee and will normally serve for two years.The President may attend Executive Committee meetings but will have no vote (voting rights).

2. Vice Presidents.

Persons who have performed valuable service to the club may be recommended by the Executive Committee to the Annual General Meeting to be elected as Vice Presidents. They will normally serve for one year but can be re-elected at the AGM. Exceptionally the Executive Committee may recommend that a person can be elected as a life Vice President.

SECTION 8. Management of Affairs.

1. The affairs of the club shall be managed by an Executive Committee which shall be elected at the AGM and shall comprise of the following:- .

  1. Chairman.
  2. General Secretary.
  3. Treasurer.

Plus any 9 (nine)members.

2. The Executive Committee shall control the finances of the club.

3. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall normally serve until the conclusion of the elections at the next AGM.

4. The Executive Committee shall be convened at least six times a year and more often if considered necessary.

5. The minutes of each executive committee meeting shall be recorded and made available to all committee members as soon as possible after each committee meeting.

6. No person shall hold the position of Secretary and Treasurer at the same time.

7. The Executive Committee may co-opt other members of the club onto the committee or to sub committees as required.

8. Any office not filled at the AGM or becoming vacant during the term of office of the Executive Committee may be filled by a member invited by the Executive Committee.

9. The quorum to conduct business shall be 6 (six) members of the Executive Committee. If a quorum is not present either before or during a meeting the meeting may continue but no executive decision or voting may take place.

These facts must be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

10. The Executive Committee may delegate functions to a sub-committee. In these cases the sub-committee must report back to the main committee for further action.

11. Voting at Executive Committee meetings shall be by a simple majority. The Chairman shall have one vote to be used as a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

SECTION 9. Management of affairs. Annual General Meeting

1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held once per year after due notice of not less than 21 days has been given.

2. Special resolutions for inclusion in the Agenda of the AGM must be submitted in writing by any paid up member of the club and must be received by the General Secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.

3. Notice of any special resolutions must be advertised 7 days before the AGM.

4. Each paid up Club member is allowed one vote on each voting issue.

5. Voting on all issues except changes to the constitution shall be by a simple majority. The Chairman shall have one vote only to be used as a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

6. For changes to the constitution a majority of two thirds of those present and eligible to vote is required.

7. At the AGM the following business will be transacted :-

1. Acceptance of reports from the General Secretary, and Treasurer, and adoption of the financial statements.
2. Voting on financial affairs, which include:-

a) Membership fee.
b) Annual subscriptions and due dates, and levy for late payment
c) Training subscriptions.
d) Coach fares.
3. Election of club officers.
4. Election of the Executive Committee.
5. Voting on any special resolution(s) received.
6. Other Club Business.

SECTION 10. Management of Affairs. Extraordinary General Meeting.

The General Secretary must arrange and advertise an Extraordinary General Meeting within 21 days of receiving a request from the Executive Committee or a written request signed by at least 10 (ten) paid up members of the club stating the business to be brought before the meeting.

SECTION 11. Club funds.

The funds of the club shall be kept at a reputable bank or financial institution and shall be properly maintained and audited. The accounts shall be prepared by the treasurer and submitted to the Executive Committee and the AGM as required.