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Last Updated: 05 October 2020 05 October 2020
Venue Activity/Event Persons involved  
K2 Leisure Centre, Athletics training Sessions. Athletes, Coaches/Volunteers, Parents  
Crawley   & Visitors  
Risks Control Aims Controls Required Risk After Action
Social 1 metre + distancing and Training group numbers to adhere to England Low
Distancing Public Health guidelines Athletics guidelines.  
  to be followed at all times.    
    Training sessions extended to accommodate smaller  
    groups and to avoid groups overlapping.  
    Athletes should leave promptly at the end of their session.  
    There will be no spectating during training. Athletes must  
    be dropped off and collected from the appropriate  
    gate. Waiting Inside the K2 is not permitted. The stands  
    are not to be used during training.  
    Entry to the track arena is via the gate by the 110m  
    hurdle start. Exit only via the gate by the 400m start.  
    No entry/Exit from at other location.  
    Track zoned into separate training areas:-  
    Lanes 1,2,3 - (MD group)  
    Lanes 5-8 - 50m-200m start line  
    Lanes 5-8 - 150m-finish line  
    1)Lane 4  
    2)Start line - 50m mark  
    3)200m start line - 150m start line  
Social   The top deck area outside the club room can only be used  
Distancing (cont.)   for training purposes with prior approval from Dave Buckett.  
    Coaches must supervise athletes to ensure they  
    adhere to the 1 metre + social distancing guidelines.  
Booking Control training numbers Training sessions to be pre-booked and paid Low
  and eliminate risk of for in advance using an online booking system.  
  Covid-19 transmission through    
  handling of money. Upon booking athletes/parents will  
    confirm that they will attend training only if they are  
    free of Covid-19 symptoms.  
    Club Terms & Conditions updated to reflect Covid-19  
Arrivals/ Ensure safe arrival and exit and Entry and exit to the track will be via the gate at the Tilgate Low
Departures check wellness of athletes. Park end of the track. There will be no entry via K2.  
  Comply with track and trace    
  guidelines. Athletes will have their temperature taken and apply hand  
    sanitiser before joining their training group.  
    Anyone with a temperature above 37.8 deg will not  
    be permitted to train and will be advised to  
    self-Isolate as per PHE guidelines.  
    A record of athletes who attend training will be available  
    on the linked training register if required for tracing  
    purposes. A separate register will be held for non-  
    members who attend training.  
    Contact number of any adult accompanying a youth  
Arrivals/   athlete will be recorded for tracing purposes on arrival.  
Departures (cont.)      
    Whilst inside the K2, all Covid-19 policies put in place  
    by Everyone Active will apply  
    Exit at the end of training will be via the side gate.  
Hygiene To reduce the risk of possible Hand sanitisers available for use at various Low
  Covid-19 transmission. locations at the track.  
    Suitable cleaning solutions and gloves will be  
    provided for use by approved persons.  
    Athletes should be encouraged to wash their  
    hands frequently and to carry a personal hand  
    Athletes will be asked to bring a named water bottle  
    to each training session to avoid accidental sharing of  
    similar bottles.  
    Touching of surfaces should be avoided.  
First-Aid To reduce the risk of Covid-19 First-Aid will continue to be administered by qualified TBA
  transmission whilst members of K2 staff under EveryoneActive  
  administering first-aid. Covid-19 policies and guidelines.  
Bathrooms To reduce the risk of Covid-19 Crawley AC athletes are only permitted to use the Low
  transmission and maintain outdoor toilets at the side of the track. A one in/one out  
  sociial distancing. system to be maintained.  
Equipment To reduce the risk of Covid-19 Equipment i.e Javelins. hammers, Low
  transmission due to contact with starting blocks, hurdles etc. should be used by only one  
  potentially contaminated surfaces. athlete per session and should be  
    cleaned before and after use, using  
    a suitable cleaning solution which will be  
    The hammer cage/net is to remain in position, with no  
    changes made during training sessions.  
    Hurdles should be cleaned between Individual use  
    if shared.  
    Pole Vault & High Jump beds should be  
    sanitised between each athlete.  
    Relay batons should not be used.  
    The Jumps pit should be sprayed with a suitable  
    cleaning solution and thoroughly raked between Jumpers.  
    Disposable gloves should be worn by approved persons  
    when sanitising equipment or surfaces.  
    Equipment cupboard to be accessed only by approved  
    club officials. Handle to be cleaned regularly.