England Athletics have sent out an email reminding athletes that their registration fee is due. 

Note: If you're U11 (school years 5 & 6) you won't have been registered with England Athletics, so this doesn't apply to you.

Usually the Club will have paid this registration fee when athletes have renewed their Club membership. However, this year renewal coincided with lockdown and until last week the Club was not officially active. 

With no club competition the Club postponed membership fees this year and asked for a contribution instead, however, any athlete who wants to renew their EA registration is now able to do so.  

If you are not registered you might be able to enter some races and your results might not appear in the Pof10.Enter Online - Pay your England Athletics registration fee.

Should any club competition recommence before next April athletes will be asked to pay any entry fees that the club has previously paid via membership fees.