Hi All please read this proposal

On a very brief inspection I believe this is being rushed through, with only 3 weeks notice to all clubs before the vote.
There has been no official suggestion of such a proposal prior to this, it does not leave time for any discussion at inter club, county or regional level or any proposal for a consultation period.
We must ask why?
This is such a major issue for our sport and the way it is run. This appears at first glance an attempt to hijack the sport, by an unelected body.
Please read the documentation thoroughly, and let me know your opinion.

We will vote as a democratic body with the majority view, something that appears to be absent from the EA proposal.

At the end of the day remember it is our sport and without the support of the clubs EA could not function, however with the support of the clubs the individual regions and counties could, if needed.
The view of the southern counties can be judged by reading the paper from Mike winch Chair of SEAA. which has also been posted on the club Facebook page.”


Dave Buckett
Crawley AC Chair

England Athletics
Friday 11th January 2019
Dear Club Secretary, Chair and Club Officers,

Following our previous emails regarding the England Athletics Council Reform Proposals, we would like to remind you of the General Meeting that will be hosted by the EA Board of Directors on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 7pm at Holborn Bars, High Holborn, London for the purpose of approving amended Articles of Association to give effect to the reform proposals.

Whilst the core purpose of this meeting is to approve the revised EA Articles of Association, we hope that this would be an opportunity for those present to ask questions and discuss the broader proposals relating to the EA Councils in more detail. Some of the proposed changes to the Council system require amendments to the company’s Articles of Association and therefore require the approval of England Athletics member clubs at this general meeting.

We hope that the documents listed below, with the links to our website to access them, will be useful in informing your club's participation in this meeting:
• Official General Meeting Notice
• Official Proxy Voting Form
• Proxy Guidance Note
• Draft Articles of Association
• EA Articles of Association with marked up changes
• Summary of Key Changes
• Frequently Asked Questions
• New Structure Meeting Dates 2019
• Directions to Meeting Location
We are mindful that it will not be possible for representatives from every club to be able to attend the meeting in London on 30th January in person. It is therefore important to note that proxy votes are permitted. Please refer to the guidance document should this be the way in which your club chooses to participate in the meeting. The proxy voting process is not a new approach and has been applied on numerous occasions at past EA AGMs. We therefore hope that members will be comfortable with this approach, but the supporting documents should be helpful if there are further questions relating to this specific aspect of the meeting.

If you nevertheless have any questions relating to this aspect of the process, please do contact Ben Patel-Sadler on bpatelsadler@englandathletics.org

It is important to note that these proposals are the result of more than 12 months of internal and external review, discussion and debate. We hope it will be helpful to provide a brief summary of this process:
Autumn 2017 – A Council Reform 'Task and Finish' Group was established by the EA Board comprising representation from the existing England National Council, EA Board, EA member clubs and County Associations. This group met on a number of occasions and worked to clear terms of reference.
March & July 2018 – A two-stage public consultation phase was held to: firstly, ascertain the understanding and awareness/value of the current council system amongst the membership; and, secondly, to test the emerging principles and proposals coming out of the Task and Finish Group.
July, August & September 2018 – EA Board discussions were held with feedback provided by the chair of the Task and Finish group and the other Board members involved in the Group.
August 2018 – England National Council discussions were held and agreement reached to discuss the proposed reforms at the Annual Council Conference held in October to help inform the final recommendations to the EA Board.
October 2018 – The England Council Conference was held in Coventry for all regions. The council reforms were the main item on the agenda and were discussed at length in a group plenary session.
November 2018 – The final proposals for Council reform were adopted by the EA Board and the EA Governance Committee were empowered to finalise the draft articles and procedures to give effect to these ahead of approval by way of Special Resolution at a General Meeting to take place on 30th January 2019.
December 2018 – A diary date notice was issued to all EA member clubs ahead of formal paperwork being issued in early January.
January 7th, 2019 – Full General Meeting paperwork is issued to members, in accordance with the requirement that at least 21 days’ notice of the meeting be provided.
Should the proposals be ratified on 30th January then the new system will take effect from April onwards. Should the proposals not be ratified on 30th January then the existing system will remain for the immediate future.

In either case, elections to the Regional Council or proposed new Regional Forum structure will need to be held in the period immediately following the General Meeting. This process will be announced immediately after 30th January and will take place during February and March.

The biennial regional election process is an important component of our democratic governance structure and the election process will remain, irrespective of whether or not these reform proposals are ratified on 30th January. It is important that members note this and that a key part of the proposals relates to making the process, as well as the role of Forum members, more manageable for a much wider range of volunteers.

The timing of this general meeting is being driven solely by the demands of the upcoming election process, although we believe that there is also much to be said for getting on and implementing the proposed changes so that we do not unnecessarily delay the benefits they bring, in terms of both improved consultation and communication and of ensuring a wider and more diverse involvement in the election process.

We believe that the proposed changes to the Council structure will greatly improve the benefits to our sport that are provided through the work of those who give their time, experience and expertise to the system. We also hope that they will encourage a greater number of members to become involved in the process and that you will encourage your club members to do so. With greater and more diverse participation from those involved across the whole sport, we shall be able to build on the current structure in a constructive and logical way that will rapidly provide a clearer and more engaged and coherent voice for the EA membership and, in turn, a sport that is better positioned to meet its members' needs.

Yours Sincerely
Chris Jones
On behalf of the EA Board of Directors
Athletics and running, for everyone, forever 
Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road,
Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2BE
General enquiries: Tel: 0121 347 6543
E-mail: bpatelsadler@englandathletics.org