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Michael Hobbs with the winners cup and the rest of the group

Congratulations to Michael Hobbs, who won the 2020 Deakin 10 by beating his handicap by 4.22. Mark Penfold was a close runner up with 4.01, followed by Amelia Brown (1.47) who recorded the fastest time by over 2 minutes over second fastest James Tombs. 

There were some good runs all round - six runners beat their handicap on a fine but blustery morning. Trevor Montague had sore legs from the track 3,000m but got going with a faster second circuit, while Walter Hill had a 135 miles bike ride in his legs and still managed 8 minute miles.

Dave Freeman stopped at 5 miles - bad luck Dave, but rest assured that your distance running is far better than my attempts to throw heavy weights!

Guest runner Matt Pont was first to finish - blame the handicapper's ignorance of Matt's real form for the comfortable margin of his win! Well done everyone, and thanks for observing social distance.

Dave Beattie