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Hurdles Squad
Hurdles Squad

Crawley AC staged their first ever Hurdlefest on a cold October evening. The very low key event was held late during a Club training evening,  with races over 60m and 150m perfectly synchronised between the middle distance group training reps.

Congratulations to Paul McKeown for the great work in getting the group race ready on a cold late October evening, ably assisted by Matt Overall.

Paul would like to say:

Thank you to Fiona, Paula and Terry for the time keeping and track judging - I’m hoping we’ve created some 150m hurdle world records!

Thank you to Jim for his forever epic welding of his pistol (easy now, you lot!)!

Big thank you to everyone who stayed after training to watch!

A special mention must go to Matt who is doing such an incredible job with the younger group. It is evident when you have a competitive bunch of smiling faces on the start line that they have a coach looking after them in truly holistic fashion. The next generation are certainly in great hands.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, my apologies and please can someone mention them on this thread.

Overall, I saw last night as yet another testament to the passion that the mighty Crawley AC has for the welfare and development of their athletes - can’t wait until the next one!

Hurdlefest 2020 photos - thanks to Andy Cox


60m           150m  
Juniors Race 1     Juniors Race 2     Race 1  
Elliott 9.2   Elliott 9.2   Ben 18.7
Vittorio 9.2   Vittorio 9.3   Dan 19.9
Ottilie 10.5   Ottilie 10.4   Mia 21.3
Erin 13.4   Rachel 12.8   Poppy 22.2
Rachel 13.6   Erin 13.1   Izzy 22.7
            Noa 23.8
Senior Girls Race 1     Senior Girls Race 2     Natalia 24.2
Poppy 9.4   Noa 9.4      
Noa 9.5   Poppy 9.5   Race2  
Mia 9.8   Mia 9.7   Ben 19.2
Izzy 9.8   Izzy 9.9   Dan 19.7
Natalia 10.8   Natalia 10.6   Mia 21.3
            Poppy 21.7
Senior Boys Race 1     Senior Boys Race 2     Izzy 22.5
Alessio 8.2   Ben 8.4   Noa 24.2
Ben 8.4 8.7   Alessio 8.4   Natalia 24.7
            Race 3  
            Ben 20.6
            Dan 20.8
            Poppy 22.9
            Izzy 24.4
            Natalia 24.6
            Noa 24.8