Crawley Athletic Club has over 380 members representing all age groups from 10 years (or in school year 5) and upwards.

The club was formed in 1957 and is based at Crawley's K2 Crawley 

As a voluntary organisation the Club needs helpers who provide coaching and other roles.

Aims of the Club.

The club shall be a non profit making body with the objects of promoting and encouraging amateur athletics and social fellowship among its members based on the Olympic motto:

"The important thing is not in winning but in taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but in fighting well"

These aims are set out in the CRAWLEY ATHLETIC CLUB CONSTITUTION along with the rules defining how the Club is to be run.

The club provides coaching and competition for all our athletes - regardless of their ability. It caters for:

Track and Field Athletics
Road Running
Cross Country
Joggers & Fun Runners